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10:39 p.m. - 2006-08-14
flirt? friend? grrr
I called to talk to Jamey and ended up talking to Eddie for almost an hour and a half!! :)

I do love the Seifried family!

Today was very much a Monday.. is it bad that I'm ready for the weekend already??

The kids in my class are very sweet... the are starting to lose some of their inital shyness and are starting to come out of their shells... overall they seem like a really good group of kids and I am much happier to deal with them than any of the adults I have to deal with daily.. lol

There's been a lot of talk about crushes between Laroo and I.... I don't like crushes anymore.. I mean the butterflies are fun and all, but I guess for me, just knowing if something will happen, or not, is so much better!

Speaking of crushes.. I am the WORST detector of flirting.. I never konw when someone is flirting with me.. unless they are like totally obvious... I tend to confuse flirting and friendly quite often. So, I'm really scared that I am thinking there is flirting when it could just be friendly... and given the circumstances.. it shouldn't be flirty.. but I really feel like it is... but is it just because I hope it is?


I need to go to bed.

love u all-


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