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9:25 p.m. - 2006-08-01
I'm so good.....
I had this whole entry I was going to write in my head as I was going into work this morning.. and of course by the time I got home, I forgot it all.


I do know one thing in this world to be true. I am the WORST weed wacker-er in the world. SEriously.. come over and look at my front lawn.. it looks like a 5 year old tried to do it... *hangs head in shame* I'm gonna blame it on the fact that its a bit of a hill... and the flat part? That's just 'cause I suck.

So James told me that his brother was in a REALLY bad motorcycle accident... *sigh* I feel so bad for his wife and daughter.. and pissed off at him that he would be so stupid and ride so fast when he knows he has a little girl at home waiting for him. I just hope that everything turns out ok and that he finds some new appreciation for life... he's such a thrill seeker and so balls to the walls about everything... So keep him in your thoughts 'cause I seriously don't know what his little girl would do if she lost him.

I wasn't going to go into work tomorrow, but I am now becuase we are making goody bags for all the new teachers, I want to make some welcome back posters for the staff breakfast and I have a few more things to get done in the room before I have my meeting in there for the mentoring program... oh yeah.. and I have to finish writing out the thank you cards for the mentors... I'm so good.. I found a cool "quotes" website and each Thank you card is going to get a different quote about kindness :)

OK.. gotta throw some stuff in the dryer and then I'm watching "workout" then getting to bed.

Hope you all had a great Tuesday!!


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