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9:57 p.m. - 2006-07-06
quick update with some fun pics!
Today was a completly unproductive, yet fullfilling day.

I got my hair done... including touch up on my color, got it cut (long layers.. no more boring one length) and got my eyebrows done, because I suck at plucking them, and I'm lazy.

I swung back by the house, picked up Pepe', drove him to Pet Supermarket where we picked out a new toy for him and some training treats, which it doesn't seem he likes (ugh), and then we headed over to JAmey's house and hung out with her and the kids.

I did work out today.. and I did clean up around her.. so I suppose I was semi productive...

My couch is coming on Saturday.. and I seriously am soooo excited. It's big and comfy and I fucking love it. I'll post pics because yes, I am that lame.

Here is a cute ass picture of Pepe' in the shirt that Laroo got him.. my dog pimps his collar.. you better believe...

Here's Laroo and Pepe' with their collars pimped

Here's me and Megan (chris and fara's daughter) being silly and cheesy

Finally here's My Mom and Dad on Father's Day as we were walking around Ybor. *yes, *I* made my mom put the flower in her hair.. and she appeased me.. she's so nice! haha*


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