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1:41 a.m. - 2006-06-17
the painting never ends!
I'm almost done painting my entertainment center.
My grandfather made it.. but I don't really know when.
My Gma is really happy that I've taken it into my home... but I think I'm happier... I'm pretty sure both of my sisters have a bookcase he made, so for me to get this, is awesome..
Understand my Gpa was more of a logical man than a builder.. though he could pretty much fix anything (becuase he actually read manuals to things), he wasn't one to just pick up a hammer and start making shit.
Of course, him being the uber logical aries that he was, he put wheels on the bottom of the entertainment center so it would be easy to use.
He fucking ruled.

I'm taking pics as I progress.. I should be done tomorrow so you can see the before/after and tell me what you think.

I got an interesting email from Brian.. I like it when he acts like a typical boy and not ubersmart, ubercool doctor man.

Ok.. its late, and I'm tired.
nighty night


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