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5:19 p.m. - 2006-05-09
john's package...
So the other night, John posted a message on LJ that he would send a care package to anyone who paypal'd him the cost of shipping.

Of course I jumped right on it.
Here's what I got.

He sent 2 promo cd's that his company put out, a pic of him (in all his pink haired hotness), a shell from the beach that is his backyard, some stories from one of his first websites (when we first met), a couple stickers, a car magnet that says support porn (which sadly will go on the fridge and not the car.. dont think the kids need to see that), and the best of all, the picture he drew/painted of a lil angel.


I told him as soon as I'm done moving and crap he'll get one from me.. though I have no f'in clue what I'll put in it.

The taskforce meeting went well today.. and I'm pretty excited about it..I have some really good people who are on it and are willing to help me out.. so I'm stoaked.. plus my assist. principal is totally behind me on this one, so I know it's good! :)



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