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10:41 a.m. - 2006-04-15
Free at last, free at last....
So yesterday was a very good day.

I got lots of love from my friends and family, had fun with Jamey and have accepted the fact that I am indeed 28.

The night ended with me drunk attempting to talk to James, and him getting all piss y'cause he doesn't want me to ask him if he's taking care of himself or not.

Ok fucker, slowly kill yourself then.. don't get all uppitity when you look around and wonder why no one is trying to stop you.

I ended up leaving him a voicemail saying the word 'fuck' about 8766 times and basically said that I'm done, that all I want from him is the money he owes me and then I don't want to talk to him ever again. I've tried to be his friend, but he doesn't want that. He wants me to be a stupid mindless twit who just sits there, listens to him babble on about nothing and who says nothing when he's obviously in a self-distructive spiral.

Oh well.. it's not my problem anymore is it? I am not responsible for him, his ptsd, his issues anymore. Let the whore have fun with that.... though its so obvious that she couldn't handle it. She's using him just as much as he's using her... she's just using him to pass the time and to have someone to take her out as she looks for another girl to get with. He only finds self-validation in his sexuality so playing S&M with her fills that need.

Seriously.. I should just get a degree saying I'm a shrink so ppl will actually believe what I say. ;)

On a side note, met a cute boy at the bar last night. Guess what his name was? Brian. Ironically he looked nothing like my brian, but was indeed a hottie tottie.

OK.. today is Rhett's party.. off to start getting ready.



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