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5:04 p.m. - 2006-04-12
dreams are fun when you are mean in them
I'm so disgusted by my ex. His new girl is this stupid 21 year old skanky whore. I'm like seriously grossed out.... and I had this horrible dream that he showed up at my birthday party with her.... in my dream Andy was like literally holding me back from trying to kick his ass... all the while I'm screaming shit like, "Get that fucking whore away from my house! No one here would ever speak to that fucking slut and I refuse to let her step foot into my house... and FUCK YOU for even trying to bring her here!!!"
I like woke up pissed off.

Whatever. My outfit is so super sweet I have an eye/curiousity about another guest who is coming.. and seriously he won't be able to resist me dressed up as a beat up pregnant white trash girl... I mean come on.. what's hotter than that?!?! ;)

Ok.. I'm off to clean up my room and relax.. this has been a hard ass week at work.. thank god I get Friday off!!



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