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9:38 p.m. - 2006-04-06
go catch an std asshole
~ My ex has seriously gotten on my last nerve. He does something, I copy and he FREAKS the fuck out and goes all postal on me.

I find it humerous that Saturday he's telling me he loves me, wants to fuck me, wants to cuddle and now has run back to the whore since we've been fighting.

I am past the point of caring. I tried to love him, I really did... and I tried to be patient and caring and understanding..

But this has gone too far this time... I turn 28 in one week.. I don't have time nor the energy for fucking games.. I'm not 14 anymore...

I just wnat the money he owes me and then I can move on for good... and he can catch an std from some stupid whore.


Anyways.. if you are coming to my bday party on the 22nd lemme know!



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