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2:58 p.m. - 2006-02-18
happy belated vday
After a rocky start, this week has come to a nice close (or should I say last week since this is technically a new week).

Relationship growing pains aren't fun. They aren't avoidable either... but as long as the two ppl are dedicated to making it work.. they can be dealt with in a effective manner.

Knowing that we are moving in together in a couple months has put a lot of pressure on us.. but I'm sure we'll be ok... we both are very sure about what we want and we aren't going to give up what we have.

Anyways... My little sister is now 21 which means that I am that much closer to 28! ACK

We had a nice birthday family get together for her yesterday. Today was hanging out at the house and chatting with James, Mom and Robin while I'm catching up on the laundry... I'm going to James's house in a lil while to hang out and spend time with him. His mom is headed to NY 'cause his gramma isn't doing well... I hope she pulls through, but if she doesn't, things will get really interesting to see how his mom handles the issue of the house.

Anyways.. laundry is almost done.


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