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10:14 p.m. - 2005-12-07
Xmas shopping 90% done! Woo!
Laroo and I made our Momma's a decorated sweatshirt tonight.. they are sweet.... they have bells on the boob/nipple area and they say "joy from my bells"... they are supposed to shimmy as you read it (to make the point), but I've learned this evening that my mother can not shimmy. Where did I get my ability to dance from? Sure as hell not from her! lol
(I can shimmy with the best of 'em)

I'm looknig forward to the weekend... this week has been crazy already and I know next week at work will be insane..... the week before Xmas always is!

Anyways.. just finished up shopping for my boy on Amazon... I am awaiting one thing for him and Laroo's present from when I ordered on Sat... and now I just ordered him 2 more things.... between what I already have for him, I am pretty much done.. just need one or two more things for the stocking.

I think I'm going to bring home the lil 3 foot tree I have in my class room and set it up in James's bedroom so that we can have our own lil tree for Christmas. We are going to open our presents for each other alone on Christmas night. I'm way excited... I can't wait to give him all his stuff. It's fun to have someone to shop for! :)

Anyways.. have a busy day at work tomorrow, and I'm tutoring after school (as always)

Off I go.



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