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11:24 a.m. - 2005-11-26
yay... one person kinda sorta done for Xmas!
So I'm stealing an idea I got from Jamey and I am getting James Sirius Satellite radio for Christmas. I scored on too... well... kind of.

I am going to get him the car package for $0.00! (after rebate) and the home boom box for 50.00! FIFTY bucks for both!! You CAN NOT beat that price! BUT... it's not available for shipping, nor do they have it anywhere around here... so I have to drive all the way to Ocala to pick it up. Luckily though, they do have it... and I can get it at this price setting.

So for 50 bucks I'm scoring a not just one, but 2 phat ass presents for him.... he's gonna love it.

I have some other ideas for him.. but not sure what I'll get him yet. Honestly, the thing I'm worried the most about is the stocking stuffers. Mom has always filled ours with candies and cute lil things (and always a pair of undies). Well... James really doesn't eat candy, he doesnt' have any cute lil collections or hobbies... so I'm shit out of luck. I guess I'll just know when I see the stuff.

Ok.. need to jump in the shower and clear out my car before I head out. Robin will prob drive with so that will be fun and hopefully we can get some other shopping done.

Off I go.
Have a great weekend!


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