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5:20 p.m. - 2005-11-21
will finish later
The sweatshirts are so sweet. We wore them to work today.. it was awesome.

Thursday I went to court with James. I got to see his ex wife. That was interesting.

This weekend was when we did the Celebration of life for my Grandfather. It was very hard and I'm really glad I had James there for support. It was important that he went to me because I wanted him to learn about my Grampa and to see what kind of man he was. James is really glad he went to. He really like my family and he even commented on how amazing of a man my Grammpa was. He also went on and on about how amazing my Grandparents were for their involement in the cancer drug movement. (my gramma was part of the first organized sit in at the white house). I was glad that he got to learn about my family and see not only who I'm related to, but just why I am so close to them and how much of an influence they have had on my life.

Talking to Jamey on the phone.. Be back soon


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