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11:37 p.m. - 2005-11-13
I promise.. this time I mean it.. more entries
I keep forgetting to update this through my email.

So what's been going on in the last week?

Almost done moving stuff from Tony's. I'm taking Dad's truck tomorrow and hopefully getting the rest of the stuff. Mainly jsut big bins, my comp and radio.

This weekend was fun. Had Friday off... so I went and got my ring from Citrus Park Mall, and James and I went to Countryside to go to Torrid.
It's my new favorite store.
Torrid is owned by HotTopic, but for bigger girls.

James and I were there for like over 2 hours.
James bought me a pair of jeans, pinstriped pants, and a shirt. I got myself a pair of jeans, a skirt a summerdress and 2 shirts. So I'm pretty set for a while.

Last night we went out with Laroo and Perbear. We had a blast... I love the Orpheum... and we hit up Club Flirt for Laroo too. Seriously.. I want to be a drag queen... you get to dress up, lip sync and they pay you!!

Went to Tony's after coming home and worked there for a couple of hours.. so I'm beat.

I'm off to bed.

I promise to update more



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