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8:59 p.m. - 2005-11-06
me a grown up?
Funny how as I'm moving stuff back into my parents house (Tony is selling this house), I came to the realisation that I'm actually a grown up.

I mean.. like for the first time I feel like one....

I'm working the same job for over a year.
I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon.
I have a steady boyfriend who I am planning a future with.
I am actually going to start actively saving money to buy a house.
I don't care about what kind of car I drive anymore.
I'm actually looking forward to my 10 year reunion this summer.
I know that if things work out with James like we plan them, that in a few years I could be a MOTHER.

So yeah. When the fuck did all this happen? Time is going by too quickly my friends... gotta get on the ball and start getting shit done!

Ok.. going to go pack up some more stuff to take over to the house after school tomorrow. James is going to meet me here and help me transport some stuff over and then I'm going to his house to spend the night there...

The plan is to load up my car each afternoon after work and then bring the stuff over to mom's.. sleep there and repeat. It shouldn't take too long.. most of my stuff here was in boxes/bins anyways.. hopefully by the weekend I'll be ready to get all of the furniture and be done! I'm so sick of moving.. I'm not doing it again until it's to a house that I own.



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