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10:42 p.m. - 2005-10-11
3 months down...?? to go
I have been insanely busy.

This weekend James and got into a argurment, and Friday night I was pretty much ready to punch him in the eye, but we talked everything out on Saturday and now, cheesily enough, I feel closer to him than ever.

Yesterday we offically made it to the 3 month mark. How insane that its only been 3 months... it seems so much longer than that.. like he's been around for forever.

When I showed up at his house for dinner I was greeted with a vase with 3 red roses (one for each month) and 2 beautiful cards. They are at work, but I'll post what he wrote in them later. He said he wanted to get 3 cards, but he couldn't find a 3rd he liked. I got him a book and wrote him a letter/story about me and how I feel about him.

This weekend it really hit me just how deeply I feel for him. I don't just love him. I am in love with him. Yeah, yeah.. roll your eyes.. whatever.. I know what I feel. I know what he feels. and what WE feel is love.

Tomorrow is his birthday. I am getting us tickets for Halloween Horror Nights for his bday and I got him a wallet and the new Green Day cd.

I have to go to bed.. I'm exhausted and tomorrow is going to be a long day.. luckily no work on Friday though.. supposed to be a working day, but we got our grades done today and so I'm taking comp time.

Anyways.. just wanted to update.

All is well.. I'm happy, loved and now, very very tired.



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