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9:54 p.m. - 2005-10-05
I'm such a teacher
Damn.. this Fiona cd is really growing on me. I heart her.

Well.. I finally went to publix.. knowing I wont be here tomorrow night or most of hte weekend I bought only a lil bit of food..enough to tide me over... AND I did a load of laundry AND I set up my new little shelf thing AND I cleaned up my room some.. seriously.. I was quite productive.

Tomorrow I have conferences again.. only had one today. One cancelled and the other kid is moving so the mom didn't show up. But while we were waiting for the one to come, I got my math lesson plans done until 11/11. Woo! Now I just need to go run all the copies and I'll be set. Next i just need to do my Social Studies plans and we'll be good to go for another month. It's so nice to just plug away at the plans and do it all at once.. it saves you so much more time in the long run.... only thing you have to make sure you do is make all the copies you need. It's so easy to plan the the stuff out and then be like, "Oh shit.. I needed that page today!" Luckily with the whole team teaching thing one of us can always go and run to the office to make copies. I LOVE LOVE LOVe team teaching.

Weekend will consist of hanging out with friends, Laura and I doing grades for this nine weeks since she'll be gone the day they are due next week for her marathon! (yeah.. she's gonna run the ohio marathon! I'm so proud!)

Anyways.... I'm off to bed to read some before I crash out. I'm reading the Naria series (yes, the 'kid' series which includes 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe') It's actually pretty damn cool and knowing what I know about children's literature.. they certainly are dumbing down books nowadays if kids used to read stuff like the Naria series.... but hell.. as long as my kids read I'm happy. I just sent home BookIt packets with them for this month.. remember that? you read a certain number of books each month and you get a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut. I'm making the kids read chapter books AND write up reports on them... gotta get 'em reading AND writing... plus it helps build their comprehension and shows they actually read the book.

Ok.. enough school talk

Off to read



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