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8:46 p.m. - 2005-09-06
pics from St. Augustine
Here a couple pics from the trip.

This is me drinking water from the fountain of youth. It tasted like ass... due to a high sulfur level. See James's reaction below.

Us at the Fountain of Youth waiting for the Information Session to start

Us waiting for the ghost walking tour to begin

Like I wouldn't have a pic with my tounge out...

This was taken on our ghost walk down a small street. There was no rain or any water in the air. When I took the pic, I saw nothing, the orbs showed up on film. Some say orbs on film are spirits.. others say not... but I have other pics I took right after that have no orbs.

~ The trip was amazing. I fell in love with St. Augustine.. the history there is amazing.. I learned so much. Did you know Ponce De Leon was only 4'11? When he landed in Fl searching for gold/silver and the supposed water that would give him eternal youth (the natives in P.Rico told him about it to get him off of their land), he came to FL and landed in St. Augustine and the N.Americans were all 6'0 and taller so he wrote in his diary that he landed in a land of giants! lol

I really want to go back.. we did a lot, but it only scratched the surface.
It's only about 200 miles from us which isn't bad at all!

I don't know if I mentioned before, but James has started calling me Joy. When I asked him why, he told me that my middle name is so fitting for me and my personality.. plus its what he feels when he's around me.. Joy.
*yeah.. insert 'awww'*
What can I say? My boy is a sweetheart.

I do love that boy. :)

Off to finish laundry.



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