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8:23 p.m. - 2005-08-28
what are yours?
~ It's kinda weird to spend the weekend at your boyfriend's house, when he's not there... hell, when no one is there but you.... yet I guess that was the whole point of me being there.. because they were all down in Miami. Housesitting in a house as nice as his is a pretty easy job. I watched some movies.. actually was productive and got my inservice follow-up lesson plans done.. read some, took a couple baths in his jacuzzi tub.. and played LOTS of Burnout 3. (its a racing game on the xbox).

I watched "Bowling for Columbine", "A Nightmare before Christmas, "ScoobyDoo 2", Bruce Almighty, and Wigstock.

And yes, it was a first time seeing any of them.. I told you I was in a movie time warp.

There was the part in BA where God tells him, "Be the miracle".

It got me thinking.

Once I started actively persuing certain things in my life... I felt so much more secure of the outcomes.. even if they didn't "work out" they way I may have liked... at least I knew I had done all I could.. and I wasn't sitting around playing the victim of fate/destiny or just being a spectator.

Knowing that I've accomplished finding an amazing boyfriend, finding a job that I truly love (no matter how frustrating it is), I know now that I only have a few more goals on my list to complete before I get to set a bunch of new ones... and honestly.. I can't wait.
Taking control.. its refreshing and so much more... me.

The martyr role wasn't me.. its not who I am, why I played it for so long, I'll knew really understand.. but oh well.. its done with.. time to move on and get working on my goals.

What are yours?


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