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9:27 p.m. - 2005-08-08
so busy.........
~ My life is insane.

My lack of entries is mainly because I got hit with a virus and spyware, so until I stop forgetting the cd James made me of anti that stuff, my comp runs like shit.

~ I was at Jamey's today talking about the crap going on in my life.

1. My grandfather. He's taken many turns for the worst, and I really doubt he'll make it past the weekend. I've come to peace with the situation, but it doesn't mean it hurts any less thinking about him being gone. My main concern right now is my mom. I am so proud of her and how she's handled this situation. She's totally my hero.

2. James. Wednesday it will be a month since we first met. A month? How can it only be a month? It feels like he's been around for forever. Things with him are better than OK. I'm like so comfortable with him, and so happy and taken care of so well. On a side note.. I find it ironic in this society that the time in my life that I weigh the most, its the one time I have a boy totally in love with me and my body. Who'd have figured?

3. Work. Today was the first day of school. Overall it seems like a good class.. we're up to 39 kids... but with only a few exceptions, they seem to be pretty cool kids.

When you put those three things together, it makes a pretty powerful and emotional situation to be living. I'm so happy about the James thing, and yet so sad about my gpa. It's like I titled a previous entry.. my heart is happy, even though my soul is sad.

Anyways.. the pop ups are driving me batty.. I'm off.

I'm going to see James on Wednesday so I 'll get the programs then.. hopefully that will help and i'll be on more.



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