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10:21 a.m. - 2005-08-04
so busy.. i miss my summer break already!
~ LAst couple of days have been insanely busy..... with work, with James, with life in general. I went to St.Pete yesterday to see my Gpa after working all day,and then stayed at James's house.

~ Things with he and I are going really well. I'm very happy and content within this relationship. I was talking to my Gma about him and she was like, "I have such good vibes about this one Melinda".
See.. she's not always crazy. ;)

Things with my gpa aren't good. It's basically just a matter of time, because as of right now, they aren't really treating anything on him. It's a surreal experience. I know I've been so lucky to have him in my life for as long as I have.. its just going to be so strange when he's gone. So few of my friends still have their grandparents around, so its been really nice to be able to have mine around for as long as I have.

Today is open house and I have to be at work at 12. I'll be there until 7. Oh yeah, lots of fun.

Off to grab something for brunch and then heading to the classroom to finish up some last minute stuff.



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