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8:37 p.m. - 2005-07-29
james wins a gold star today
~ Last night was poker. I was very close to winning, but after playing for like 4.5 hours, I was tired and gave up the game to Sharky.

Worked in the classroom all day. Laura went through a ton of stuff while I decorated and put more stuff away.

James wins an award for today because instead of going home after breakfast this morning, he came to my classroom with me to see it, and ended up staying all day and helping us set up our room. He even cut out stuff that i had laminated. Yeah. Toocute. So Sweet.

Tonight is out with Jamey and Tony and my boy, and then tomorrow night we head to Tampa to see Adam! :)

I can't believe I haven't seen him more this trip, but he's been with his family bunches and I've been tied up on this end.

oh well.. tomorrow is the orpheum and an awesome night out for sure.

Off to get ready.. my boy will be here soon



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