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1:24 a.m. - 2005-07-06
praying for my gpa
Was a long weekend.. but fun

The red tide was insane.. but at least we got the pool all clean.

My plans for the rest of the summer?

Swim everyday, get a tan and enjoy the last couple of days off I have..

Going into the classroom next week to start settting up... going shopping with Ryan to get teacher stuff next week as well.

Mom and Dad are going to NC to visit my aunt tomorrow.. should be a nice trip for them

My gpa isn't doing so well. the lukemia is back.. but as well as he did before, I am praying he can get himself back into remission.

There is all this talk within the family about if worst comes to worst and he doesn't make it.

All I can say ppl is that as soon as you actually own stuff, or the moment you havea child.. write up a will.. and update as much as possible.

My grandparents are worth a lot of money.. but no one wants to be the oneto decide how to divy it out.. does it go to the daughters? to the grandkids? to the spca?

SEriously.. its a bad bad topic and no one wants to talk about dying.. but it happens.. and it should be addressed.. your family will have enough to do deal with without having to deal with legal bullshit as well.

Anyways.. I need some sleep.. been a long day.



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