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3:19 p.m. - 2005-07-03
I love the Orpheum.. I so wanna marry it
~ This weekend has been interesting.

First the red tide at the beach on Friday... and the sunburn I aquired... though the funniest thing is, I got sunburned on where my tan line from my watch was... I totally didn't think about putting sunscreen on my wrist.. doh

~ Last night was Ybor. Laura and I dropped off Christy and Mark at the Ampitheatre (yuck) and we headed to the new bar Czar. It's new and so yummy inside... so pretty and they play awesome music.. but so new and was pretty dead. Laura indulged me and we went to the Orpheum.
I was so happy to be back there... I really had missed that bar... it was awesome to see some ppl that I don't know personally, but have seen at the bar for the past 2 years. The music was insanely good. I had two boys that I was spying on all night. One looked like a josh grobanish kind of boy.. except he didn't have the curls that Josh does.. but was a cute Jew boy nontheless. The second was this heavenly looking boy who was tall and had this mop of brown hair to his shoulders... he was insanely beautiful. He had the whole mysterious thing going on.. he didn't seem to talk to anyone.. he didn't dance at all.. just drank beer and watched people. Yeah.. he was dreamy.

Seriously.. I would love to meet a guy that would go to the Orpheum... and like enjoy it and know the music.. it just seems like the boys who go there are either like too gay or too cool. I just want to meet the one boy there who has like a real job but still likes that bar... and has a mop of hair.. lol

~ Today seems like it will be quiet and calm. Its going to be raining on and off all day I'm sure.



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