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1:42 a.m. - 2005-06-26
She's my dream girl.. ;)
~ Today went to Disney with the family. Had a great time.. pics to come tomorrow.

I keep having dreams of Tassy. (see site above). Wednesday night it was of one where it was her bday party and it was this HUGE party in a park and they like invited anyone and everyone they knew in real life and online to come and bbq and hang out.. and she and John were hanging out in this big 4 poster bed in the middle of the park with this netting over it.. and for some reason I was in there with them.. and I just remember I was wearing a big hat and just a tshirt and undies so when they got up to talk to ppl I was like, "I can't, i have no pants on!"

Then last night I dreamt that I was at some kind of convention and Tassy was there to do some kind of show adn she knew I was there so she came and talked to me and we were all pals and such and everyone around me was like, "Ohmygod.. you know her? How are you friends with her?" *I'm guessing she was famous in the dream/that's the reason she was the entertainment for the convention*

Now we know I'm not into girls.. so should I worry that I'm dreaming of her and not John? ;)

Speaking of dreams.. I'm off to bed.. its late, been a LONG ass day with lots of walking. Pics later.



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