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2:33 a.m. - 2005-06-19
movie reviews (phantom and harry)
~ I just finished watching the Phantom of the Opera.

Ok.. so here are my beefs about the movie.
1. Phanton was wayyy too attractive.. and what the hell is this whole he was wearing a wig thing? I didn't get the point of that..
2. They changed some of the lyrics to the songs... and I didn't really understand why.. its like.. the old ones were fine...
3. The whole flashback part in the middle of the movie.. they should have just done it at the beginning and end.

Overall it was really well done. Better than I had imagined. Of course I cried... a lot. My sister and I have a weakness for the Phantom.. even though you're not supposed to.
It's like yeah sure, Raul is a great guy.. but the Phantom.. showed such passion.. passion that isn't shown by anyone sane I suppose.

I did really like the ending. It was a nice little twist and made me (a fan of the phantom) happy.

~ I also watched the 3rd Harry Potter movie. I'm reading the books now, so I had to catch up on the movies. It of course was really good.

~ Tomorrow is Father's Day so I need to go to bed so I can do the whole family thing. Still sick.. it sucks.

p.s. if u didn't see before, i posted pics from last night up.


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