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11:23 p.m. - 2005-06-15
one door closes....
~ I'm pretty much over the John thing.
He made his decision... and I've made mine. He took the pussy way out in not even having the balls to email me and be like, "*insert random lameass excuse*".
Instead he went against everything he said he was and took the pussy way.

Great job teaching the boys manners Army.

~ On a side note, I've decided to say a big FUCK YOU to American boys and to expand my horizons and find me a European boy. Where/when/how this will happen.. I dunno. All I know is.. it must be done.

I am currently *well, not this second* talking to a boy online who is from the UK, but is half Italian. Yeah.. a hot Italian boy with a cute british accent. SWOON

I so need to get a passport.
That will be my mission next week.. to start that process.. and to get the air in my car looked at. Holy Fuck its hot.

~ That is all.. need to go to bed.. training tomorrow. ugh



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