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9:37 p.m. - 2005-05-22
army boy is the best
~ Last night... what can I say about last night?

It fucking was amazing.

~ The staff party was, well, kinda lame.. but nice and I enjoyed seeing everyone.

~ John (armyboy) ended up coming up. Let's say that too good to be true, ended up being just true.

We had such a good night.. we met Jamey and tony up at the hilltop. It was packed.. and we had too much fun making fun of people and playing "Who would you do". He passed Jamey's interview and though they didn't talk much, got along with Tony well.

He drove me back here, and he didn't leave until 4:15am. I will say this... I'm so never straying from the whole "He has to be a good kisser" thing again ever... it is so important.. and he sooooo passed that test.

I dunno what will happen next.. I just hope that it continues the way it has.

I really like him kids.

I'm scared.

but its worth it.. because he makes me laugh and he's soo cute with his blonde hair and blue eyes.. and he can kiss like a motherfucker..


Only time will tell... too bad I have no fucking patience.. lol



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