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12:10 a.m. - 2005-05-21
kinda here...
~ Room is painted.
~ STarting to move stuff in.
~ In my new room I'll be sleeping on the first bed I had. It's an antique 4 poster bed that I had as a kid. I love it.
~ Tomorrow night is the staff end of the year party. Its's a costume party and I'm going as Ariel. I'm wearing a sheet. It's from the scene where she first got her legs and she wrapped herself in an old sail to meet Eric for the first time.
~ Only 3 half days left of school.
~ My bathroom at the new house is so pretty and girly.
~ The colors I painted the room are 'stingray' and 'starry night'. It's grey and purple..
~ Moving is a pain in the ass.
~ I need a bookcase.
~ Army boy is still good. *note to self for memories, 'god peeing on the tree on fire*

That's all.


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