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3:06 p.m. - 2005-05-07
yay.. tampa tonight!!
~ Yesterday was Laura's bday. We had a really yummy dinner and then went out to a new (for me) bar. They've been going to a lil (and I mean little) bar that's like minutes to their houses. I really need to move to Spring Hill..

The bar was fun though.. looottss of boys so I think we'll be going back. There was this one guy there, that I swore I knew, and then I realised he was like this really bizzare combination of features of like 4 guys I know. It was a really interesting combination, but he was cute so it worked. Maybe he'll be up there again next time we go and I'll get the balls be like, "I think I know you.. what's your name?"

~ Not sure where tonight will bring us.. somewhere down in Tampa. I slept in really late today, but I needed it and it will be good 'cause tonight it going to be a late ass night

~ Ohmigod.. this guy that I knew in high school from the dance club IM'd me on yahoo. i'm talking to him now *jen and jamey... one name, lester!! HAHAH*

~ OK.. need to go try to be productive... I'll update tomorrow with a real entry.



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