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2:35 a.m. - 2005-04-24
groundhog day in my dreams... grr
~ Thursday night went to the bar with Tony and Laura.. had fun and stayed out way too fucking late.

~ Friday woke up tired as a mother fucker and proceeded to the do the earthday celebration at school. All day we were out of the classroom doing things... did a mini- relay for life with the kids, and had them walking the track for an hour.. (they hated me), but they understood the cause and were pretty good about it.
I came home and wanted to crash out.. instead I take a shower and head to the real Relay for Life where I spend the next three hours hanging out and walking the track.
I then meet up with Jamey, Tony and Laura and we go out and again, I stay up way too late.

I crash out finally around 3 and have the oddest dream....

Now, I know my dreams. I don't dream too often about any men in my life.. except Brian. Why I dream about him, I don't know... maybe its my subconscious way of dealing with the few lingering issues.
So lately, if I have dreamt about him, its usually been about us meeting up again after this break of not talking/seeing each other and he's usually an ass and I usually wake up thinking, "What an ass".
So this dream started off with us seeing each other for the first time, and all was well, and he makes some comment about the pictures from the bday party and about how like my tongue is out in all of them.. and then some comment about oral sex...
*jen stop reading here, cause the next part will make you go, EW gross*
So of course one thing leads to another and I'm going down... all was well until I suddenly hear my door open and my dad say, "Melinda, get up, its a quarter after".
Half asleep I say, "Huh?"
"GET UP.. it's getting late".
My reply, "DAD.. its SATURDAY"
Him: "Oh.. oops.. haha, sorry".

So I crash back out and the dream starts again. This time I'm at his house and he's telling me how he's still with Megan (the ex) but he's in FL now and she was somewhere else, but we should still hook up and I should go down on him since I didn't do it when we were in Cali...

Next I hear, "Melinda, Dad needs to move your car, where are your keys?"

I stumble out of bed to my purse, give my keys to my mom and fall back asleep.

This time the dream starts AGAIN and I'm sitting in his house, with Megan asleep on the couch next to us and he's like, "It's ok.. you can go down, she's asleep"...

Yeah.. I woke up like, "WHAT THE FUCK?"

At least my dreams are consistant and continue on the "he's an ass" trend.

~ Went to the bar with Tony tonight and met up with Amy so she could see her band boy one last time. It was pretty dead and once again no cute boys. Grr.

~ Halfway done with Aaron's bday present.. but what do you get a boy who knows everything? I'm trying to think of things that would impress him, and I've come up with only like one thing.. I'm so screwed... though I did get him the one thing he asked for...

~ Anyways.. I'm off to bed.. just wanted to write down that dream for when I'm old and grey 'cause it was pretty fucking funny.



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