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2:18 a.m. - 2005-04-16
Thank God for Andy
~ Thank God for Andy. He saved my ass tonight. I was driving home crying out of pure rage when the phone rings and its him. Within minutes he had me totally calmed down and laughing. He's the bestest and I seriously am sooo thankful he called tonight.

So why was I driven to tears tonight?

Fucking drunk boys.

J got WAY too drunk, ended up getting arrested.. I get in a fight with the bouncer because his jackass little friend who is like a bouncer groupie was walking by J in the cop car smirking at him.. and it was making J even more upset... so I said something, and the bouncer got a fucking attitude and was like, "You're fucking tresspassing now.. you're not welcome here any longer".. and I was like "Are you kidding me?"

Luckily the cop was amazingly nice and came and talked to me and told me he would calm the bouncer down *because he knew I was right* and that he would get him to un-tresspass me and to just go home and he'd work it out for me.

I adore the sheriff's in this county. Fucking bouncers I hate. Sad thing is, I think this bouncer is a cop.. which is scary because if he can't handle me making a random comment about his little friend, then he has no right being a cop.... because if he can't seperate himself from a situation emotionally, then he isn't right for that job... but the sheriffs? Fucking love 'em.

So needless to say.. the night ended in a bust.. but Andy saved it!

The beginning of the evening was great with a very fun dinner with friends and the bar was fun up until the end.

~ Anyways.. tomorrow is the big party and I can't wait! :)

~ Ok, I really need to get to bed... but I'll write all about the party on Sunday!



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