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10:45 p.m. - 2005-04-11
27 here I come
~ Today flew by for some reason.. not that I'm complaining.

~ I went to the gym today. I forgot how quick it is... I'm going to start going everyday again.

~ Only 3 days until I turn 27. Where in the hell has the time gone? I feel like I should have some epiphany or something in my old age.. but really.. 27 doesn't feel any different than 26. I think this will be a good year.. but not just because I'm 27.. but because shit is finally falling into place.

I don't regret what I now refer to as my "sabatical". Sure I'm in debt up to my ears, but what the hell.. it's just money... and it was all worth it. I got to live in California, I got to spend time with my aunt and cousin and uncle.. I got to see Brian again.. I got to be out on my own and be an extra in a movie.. I got to do a bunch of shit... and I loved it.

Now that I have my "grownup" job and responsibilities, I'm settling into a nice lil life. It's not as exciting as I would like.. but I do what I can. Luckily I've found a wonderful friend in Laura who has the freedom to romp around Tampa with me.

26 was an interesting year for me.. but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

~ Anyways.. time for bed.. only time will tell what will occur this next year of my life... but fret not... coming up on 5 years with this trusty journal.. and you know whatever happens, you'll be the first to know.



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