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3:54 p.m. - 2005-04-09
ohh tequilla
When you go out with friends to a bar where there is like no one else there... you have to get creative to ensure a good time... because you can only make fun of the same rednecks so many times.
For us though, we're lazy because it was Friday and we were tired from work.. so we relied on Tequilla to be creative for us.
The thing with tequilla though.. she's a fickle bitch and sometimes her ideas are awesomely good.. other times.. not so much.... so while throwing Laura's flipflops onto the dancefloor seemed funny at the time.. it really wasn't... but dancing like we did was.. and laura bringing the salt shaker onto the dance floor for "Shake it like a salt shaker" was funny as hell... even if I did inhale some salt as she threw it around as we danced.

Not sure what tonight will bring. It doesn't seem like Jamey and Amber will make it back up to go out.. so I guess it will be me, Tony and Laura off on another adventure.

My birthday party is in one week and I'm quite excited about it. :)



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