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9:13 a.m. - 2005-03-28
Yesterday was spent at IKEA *i love ikea so* and then just hanging around the house. Not sure of the plans for the day. My cousin is at school for the morning (he only has half day kindergarten) and my aunt works today in the afternoon.

So cradleboy found a new girl. Oh well... I wish him luck.. as much as there was a part of me who wanted to like help him find his way in the world, it really never would have worked out.. first off, its not my job to be his mentor and secondly, the boy like doesn't eat any food or have any desire to like travel. He's a sweet kid and I wish him luck.

I'm still all screwed up time wise so I'm getting up really early and then falling back asleep, and then looking at the clock and realising its only 9am.... damn time difference.

This entry is pretty pointless, but I'm still half asleep, but felt the need to update.

So I have to admit I'm pretty pissed that no one has gotten back to me about my birthday except for my local friends.... I need to know ppl!

Anyways.. I'm going to make some coffee.



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