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6:20 p.m. - 2005-03-23
I'm scared of the janitor
This time on Friday I will be on the plane to Cali.

I *should* be doing laundry, but I have yet to venture upstairs to actually get it to do it.

The custodian who cleans my room now offically hates me and I fear I'll accidently have bleach added to something in my fridge in my room.
Here's what the fucker did.
I come into the classroom yesterday (3.22) and I instantly smell paint. I scan the room and see a HUGE ass white stain on the floor. The fucker had knocked the gallon of paint we were using for the mummies over with the vacuum. I didn't say anything until today.
Now I'm in a old school portable that doesn't have a water fountain in it, so they provide us with one of the 5 gallon water coolers from Zepherhills. Now, normally they run out in the middle of the day, so I lug the new one on.. which is no big deal because I did it in Cali at my place there.... and I can do it without spilling anything. (yeah I'm so that cool.. lol). And this custodian doesn't EVER do it. he'll drink from one that's empty and won't change it, nor does he do anything else he's supposed to like wash the chalk boards or dust or anything like that.
So yesterday I didn't feel like switching out the empty one, and before I left, I put the empty one on a chair next to the cooler just to see what he would do.
OH MY FUCKING GOD... That was soo the wrong thing to do.
I get in this morning and the "new" water bottle is on the cooler, kinda askew, and as I look closer, I realise that it is completely empty except for like 2 inches of water.... dumb-founded for a moment I think, "Where in the fuck did the other 4.5 gallons go??". Then I step down and realise, they were all over the floor.
How this grown ass man spilled 4.5 gallons of water is beyond me. So I was like, "fuck this". I'm switching rooms in a couple of weeks.. there is no way in hell I'm going to get blamed for this shit he's done to my room.
I went to the head groundskeeper and told him, and he was PISSED. He made me write everything down that happened and told me that he tried to get the jackoff fired last year, but didn't have enough proof... needless to say jackoff guy was in the room this afternoon with this big carpet cleaner trying to clean my carpet.
I'm scared now though.. I could tell he was mega pissed, and normally I am not a big narc because we're all adults and should be able to handle our own shit, but this was just plain out of control.

So tomorrow is the last day of work until we come back! :)

Ok.. need to go do some laundry and start packing. I want to get it all done by tomorrow so I can just relax and hang out on Friday before I leave. :)



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