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8:24 p.m. - 2005-03-20
I'm back and tired as hell
I tried to update this before, but lost the entry. gr

I'm very sleepy. The weekend was fun, interesting to say the least. I was pretty quiet, and just sat back and watched things... its amazing what you notice when people don't know they are being watched.

One high note is that I did get some color, which is nice.. and I no longer look like I hail from N.Dakota.

Plus, I did buy a tent so camping can now be a weekend activity.. though I have learned that I am a little bitch when it comes to cold weather.. and that once I start shaking from it being cold.. nothing will get me to stop except time and sitting in my car with a blanket over me and the heat blasting.

~ I got back today and finished up the grades at work.. now I'm going to crash out early and get some much needed sleep.

~ One thing I have learned recently is that I really like having someone in my life who is like to open and honest. Cradleboy had called me on Friday night when we were out drinking/walking around the camp area and left the message as urgent. When I called him back the next day (I didn't get the message until after 3:30am and didn't want to calle then) I asked him what was up, why the urgent, was something wrong? He simply replied, "No, but I wanted to talked to you so I thought if I put it as urgent you would call me back faster."
Its such a simple thing to say, but he's so honest and up front, and I not only really like it, but I appreciate it as well.

When you are 'friends' with someone like Brian, who is so vague and guarded with his thoughts and emotions... to meet a boy who will just bust out with "I just want to be with you", or "There's no need to go to the bar tonight, there's no one there I want to hang out with, since you're not going to be there".

I dunno, its just nice to be like so looked up to.. granted I must seem so old as wise to him.. but wtf? That's what younger guys are for.. to make us old women feel good about ourselves.

Anyways.. I'm off to bed.



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