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11:32 p.m. - 2005-03-16
yay.. cheap books
Seriously... this crush I have on the teacher at my school has got to stop. He's way too old for me, and way too cool for me.. and yet anytime he walks by I like swoon. Hence him being known as "the professorcrush". I just wish he didn't smell so fucking good.. 'cause any time he walks by.. he flashes that smile and then you get a whiff of his cologne.. and holy hell.. yum.

Went shopping with Laura today at the last minute.. got a cute outfit for this weekend and a few random green thigns to wear tomorrow. (though I was tempted not to wear green so I could try to get the professorcrush to pinch me).

Only a week until I leave for Cali.. yay!!

What else.. not too much.. I did get some cool books at the dollarstore in the mall... very random ones, but when they are a buck who cares? So I have 4 new books to read. I started one with 6 short stories in it already and am on the last story. *what can I say, I was in the bath, they are easy to read and I'm a fast reader.*
We do a reading test with the kids to see how many words a minute they can read, and I kinda did it on me, and I think I read like 253 words in a minute.. and that's reading aloud, not silently, which I think I could read more.

Anyways.. off to bed with me.

sweet dreams.


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