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3:53 p.m. - 2005-03-05
Melinda circa 1993
*first off, Happy Bday to my sister Jennifer!!!* love ya lady

Another new layout.. this one I liked better because it had all the link options that I like.

Yesterday was a nice day. I went to the demo for Scantron down at the Stadium in Tampa. Got to go down on the field, the locker-room, the press box and the ever famous pirate ship. It was nice and we got fed and done early so I went shopping afterwards.

Went to Hooters with Laura, Tony and Jessi and witnessed Laura begin her training for her chicken wing eating contest... it was funny as hell.

Tonight is Tampa.. which is something I'm looking forward to.

Oh so here's that entry I promised the other day from my old journal. IT's fucking hilarious.

**please note that I was in ninth grade when this was written and that I'm typing it in exactly as it is written to show what a dorky 15 year old I was**

Feb. 28, 1993
* I know a lot of time has passed since I last wrote. I got Justin Williams picture!! We were in the library with speech and he was in there as and we (david, dawn, christy, JUSTIN and I) were talking and me and Christy went through his waller and looked at his pictures and there were two of them left. I said, "Hey can I have one of your pictures?" AND he said, "Sure, if you want, it's bad thought!" OHMYGOD am I good or what? I gave him one of my Friday. That thing with Justin happened a while ago though. Kirk and Megan still haven't got back together yet and I dont think they will. I like Chad Rutzinski now. He's such a doll!! He looks sooooooo good.
People tell me that they think he likes me and I really hope so!! I talked on the phone with Shawn froom 930pm till 1130pm the other night. I got him to cry. I told him the reason I was so defensive about everything he said was because of what happened before. He told me he was really sorry and so on and said he felt like an asshole, etc. I'm just afraid he thinks I like him now which I DON'T. I like Chad. Well Spence did tell everyone about what happened this summer. OH JOY. Now all my preppie men (babes, all of them) know about it. Then Tim Weaver (babe 1/2) decided our whole p.e. class needed to know. Gee, I'm so glad he told everyone, because it just had slipped my mind. NOT! **editors note. I dont know why i said that.. he really wasnt that cute**
Lylas, Mel

See... told you I was dorky.. aren't you glad some things always stay the same?? ;)

Ok.. need to go clean out my car.



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