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11:10 p.m. - 2005-03-02
much better... yay for those painpills
~ So did I mention in my last email that I wrote him back after his shitty email to me? I pretty much went off in it.. moreso because I was so hurt at the tone of his email than anything. He's NEVER in the what, 8 years we've know each other, spoken to me in that way and I was honestly shocked.

He quickly replied with an apology and went on to explain that he was hurting physically (back) and that he had written to me before he went to the doctor and didn't realise that I got the brunt of his pain.

His second email was much more like the regular him and I was relieved to have him back to his sweet self. Granted it was with help of his pain killers, but hey, whatever works.

~ I had my sign language class tonight. Only 4 times I've gone and I've learned sooo many signs. I seriously love this class and will continue on with my learning until I'm fluent. I know it will take time, but its something I've always wanted to do and hell, once I'm fluent I can say that I am bi-lingual! :) I picked up the one book we use in class today which goes into more detail about the grammer aspect of ASL than we do in class... there is an intermediate course over the summer so I'll look into taking that. I never realised how much was offered with this adult ed program the county has. They have some realllly cool classes! :)

~ Testing is over for this week, and only two days next week.. thank god.

~ Tomorrow is Tony's birthday (the big 3-0!) So we'll go out to dinner and then celebrate this weekend. Jen's is this weekend but I don't know if she's coming down or not. I doubt it though.... and risking feeling her wrath I'll say that she'll come up with some lame ass excuse like she has to do laundry or something.

~ Well, now that I have all three kittens on my lap (me, the non cat person) I'm off to bed.



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