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6:18 p.m. - 2005-02-20
younger boys are cute, but not when they won't eat my cooking
So last night was interesting..

Cradleboy is TOTALLY a 21 year old.. he's cute, but very young and while he's done a lot more than most ppl his age, he's still realllly young.

Plus he has like weird things with food.. like he eats nothing... no chicken, no veggies.. its bizzare, and being the budding wannabe chef that I am, I need someone who will eat anything and be a guinea pig for me.

I was telling Aaron about it and he made a good observation about ppl who are really closed minded about food tend to be that way about most things in their life... and I agree with that thought totally.
Speaking of Aaron, he tells me that he dances. yeah... so I have offically dubbed him "perfect boy".. because really.. what doesn't he do? (besides live somewhere close where I can ravish him daily?) ;)

I am very excited about going to see him next month. :)

Back to last night though.. it was fun and good to hang out with everyone. :)

~ Tonight is more poker, Laroo's dad is down visiting so we're gonna get together at her place and play with Douger (we being Tony and I).

~ Been cleaning my room/going through stuff/doing laundry all day. My third load of light stuff is now in the dryer. I seriously hate laundry.. it takes forever.

~ Anyways.. that's about it.... lesson learned that younger isn't bad.. just younger boys who don't eat food is bad. ;)

~ Emotional entry coming soon.



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