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12:32 p.m. - 2005-02-19
I'm robbing the cradle....
I would like to note that I haven't been updating as much because my comp is pretty much dead and so we set up the old old one so it's mega slow and by the time I'm finally done checking my email, I get so fed up with it, that I don't get a chance to update.

So Friday I had a training that went pretty well.. granted it was aimed more at older kids, but I think I'll try to implement it next year.... its a pretty intense program that teaches the kids how to write really really good sentences, so I don't think we'd have enough time this year to do it properly.

Last night met up with Jamey and Tony at the Hilltop. Gotta love the nights when its the 3 Musketeers. :)
Met a very cute boy there.. and I say boy and mean it this time because he is only 21.... I know... but he's soo cute... and there is something to be said about younger guys, they still have somewhat a sense of innocence about them which I just find endearing.
Luckily for me, the boy who was supposed to come down from Claremont to meet couldn't make it, though I did get a 2am drunken phone call from him..... lol
He's younger too, granted only a year younger, but hey... we know the luck I have with older guys... oh that's right.. I don't.

So we're all getting together for Chris's belated Bday celebration and I think the new boy (who'll I'll label Cradleboy - a term which I adoringly steal from Brandy) will be joining us. Seriously.. he's too fucking cute...

Ex: I walked him outside when the bar was closing and we're talking and I go to hug him goodbye and of course he moves in to kiss me... and you know me, I'm not one to *not* kiss, so I kiss him.
The first sec or so I can tell that he needs some serious work on his kissing, so I move in again and kiss him the way that *I* like to kiss. Now, without grossing my sister out on my kissing technique, I admit that I'm a very aggressive kisser... and not that I'm one of those people who just shoves their tongue in your mouth and ravages around.. I mean that I get into it when I kiss and I use multiple effects... (ie nibbling on the lip, longer and then shorter kisses... etc)
Anywyas.. so I pull some of my tried and true tricks out of the bag and when we pull away the look on his face was fucking CLASSIC. The look was like shock and love combined. I really don't think he's ever been kissed like that and he was just like speechless... So of course I laugh and say, "What?"
And he blushes and was like "Um...."
Me: "What??"
Him: *laughing* I just got a rise in my Levi's

Which was insanely cheesy, but cute and I laughed.
Like I've said before.. I don't brag about much but I know I'm a fucking amazing kisser... ;)

So that's about it.. I need to go and do some laundry and clean my room.. its just covered in clothes once again...



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