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11:45 p.m. - 2005-02-17
so much to do...
~ I am still alive.. though its been like forever since I updated.

~ I hate poker. Despite the fact that I got 4 FUCKING ACES in one hand, I still lost. Gr.

~ This weekend will be really crazy. Tomorrow is a training, tomorrow night meeting James? for the first time (possibly), Sat is a shingdig for Chris's bday, Sunday is something I can't think of right now and then Monday is a work day at work. I could have used comp time to take it off, but so many ppl are, that I'd like to be at work when its so quiet and I can use the copy machine and such for as long as I need to.

~ Ok.. its late and I have training tomorrow.. off I go.


p.s. note to self - no more effort.


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