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3:44 a.m. - 2005-02-13
let me clarify
Tonight was a lot of fun, and seriously, Tony's girlfriend working at vicky's secret is my dream hookup. She's already given me two love spell things. I love her... she's so nice.

I lost at poker tonight AGAIN.. but it was fun and Laroo won, beating one of Jess's friends who was mega serious about it. Seriously.. its just a game.

I'd just like to comment to my sister that I am not going to get an ulcer over the email I got from Brian. Like I tried to express in my entry, I was just shocked that he actually emailed me back. When I emailed him the first time I really did it to try to be an ass and just to bug him. I didn't intend on hearing from him like ever.. I was just going to email him on the anniversary each year to remind him of what an ass he was.

So when he actually emailed me, I was like "Holy shit". Of course, there was no apology, nor did I ever expect one from him.. that's just not his style, and I know that about him.

So, I'm sure people are waiting for me to start being all "oh I love Brian" again. Um no. I have no intention of forgetting what he did... but do I plan on dwelling on it for another year? OF course not. And hell, he's only emailed me once, so really, there's nothing to be concerned about.

I've done a lot of thinking about it the last couple of days, and really, I don't fully know what I feel about the situation. It still is really odd to me to think about him coming back into my life.

So just for the record. I feel shock more than any other emotion in regards to this situation.

I won't lie.. the thought of him moving to Tampa makes me wonder... but that's a long way away.

Ok.. its now almost 4am, I need sleep. Time to get the kittens back in their box (which they can now jump and crawl out of, they are so cute) and get to bed.



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