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3:26 p.m. - 2005-01-23
craziness ahea
~ Yesterday involved some serious shopping with Tony. I did well and only purchased a few things (important things like new undies from vicky's secret).. and a new chopping knife for my ever increasing chef abilities, and a really cool 3-d remake of "The Kiss" by Kilmt.

We then grabbed Laroo and headed to Jamey's where they played poker and I sat outside with Jamey, Fara and Amy and talked all night. It was a really good time to be had by all.. very chill, but fun...

Which is good because next weekend will be pure debauchary(sp) because Adam is coming back down with his lady-love, his roommates and some other friend and we're gonna tear UP gasperilla. It's going to be insane and I'm quite excited about it. I for sure have to find my camera now.

This weekend will be crazy busy being that I will be in Orlando from Wednesday afternoon until Friday afternoon at a conference (which is good to not have work on thursday/friday but its tough to do lesson plans for two days in a row for a sub plus its really close to fcat)

Then the weekend... its gonna be nuts.. NUTS I tell ya!

Anyways.. gotta finish my laundry.



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