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2:28 p.m. - 2005-01-15
fuck drunken calls, drunken texting is what the cool kids do
~ Note to self: Even though it works with Aaron, drunken text messaging is not enjoyed by all. *but props to aaron for putting up with me and my texting... ;)*

~ Last night was tons of fun and I drank a lil too much, danced just the right amount and laughed until I couldn't laugh anymore.

~ Tonight will be Tampa insanity with Adam and his crew and Christy and hers. Of course it looks like Christy and them will be going to Green Iquana while Adam and I go to the Orpheum. (yay orpheum)

~ Another weekend goes by without me making it up to Gville, but hey, patience is a virtue right?

~ Ok.. I'm off to take a shower and run some errands with Christy and them



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