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9:37 p.m. - 2005-01-12
too long of a week, but the weekend will make up for it
This is the neverending week. It's not that anything is going bad per say.. I've just been off by a day all week for some reason so it just seems like its never over... all day I've thought today was thursday and was all excited that "tomorrow" was Friday, until I realised that it was only Wednesday... and tomorrow is only Thursday, which means I have a whole nother day in the week. I really can't complain.. poor Andy is working like 482 hours a week and Eddie is working full time AND taking classes, as is Cliff and Chris... but hell, I have to deal with 8 year olds all day.. lol (fair trade off I guess)

Tomorrow afternoon the girls and I will get together to do reading lesson plans for the next couple weeks. It goes so much easier when you have someone to do it with, plus we help each other and use all our resources/teacher books as well.

This weekend will be jammed pack since both Adam and Christy are coming into town. Crazy times for sure.... remind me to get some film!!

OK... off I go.



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