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9:08 p.m. - 2005-01-04
8 weeks of lesson plans done.. hell yeah we rock
~ I didn't leave work 'til just before 7. 11 hours at work.. and they say teachers don't work enough... I wanna know what other profession people do where they work so many hours off the book. In happier news, Ryan and I got shit done and have our math lesson plans done until FCAT *which in case you weren't counting means that we have 8 weeks worth of lesson plans done!*!!! It rocks.. we worked for like 2 hours straight on it.. we even have like 90% of the copies we need made too... she's so cool and I'm glad she got to take over when Rhett left.

~ tomorrow the kids come back to school.. I actually am excited to see 'em. It's weird to be at school for the past 2 days and not have 'em around.

~ That's about all that's going on... gonna go do some laundry... just waiting for someone (looks directly at Andy) to call me back. ;)



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