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11:00 p.m. - 2005-01-03
on to step 2
~ Went back into work today and was actually pretty damn productive. I think that this semester will fly by... between Fcat, spring break and just the end of the year stuff.
Today we weren't really supposed to work, but it's a make up day from the ones we missed from the hurricanes. The kids actually don't have to make any up.. they go enough hours to cover the 4 days we missed, but the teachers do.. go figure.

Tomorrow is another professional day going to be spent on lesson plans for the next two weeks (at least! *well that's my goal*), along with some meetings and getting all the grades in the computers to send off to the county.

~ Not sure what the weekend will bring. (oh god, its only monday and I'm already talking about the weekend)... but Jamey got me the 90's Trivial Persuit game for Xmas so we might have to bust that out along with the kereoke machine.

~ That's about all that's going on... well that and formulating step 2 of my plan... (insert evil giggle).



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